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Nationwide Shipping- Located Across from Fire Station

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RV, Camper, & Boat Mattresses

If you need a mattress or custom cut of foam, my mattress suppliers will produce almost any size you request.  Most of the custom size mattresses that I order each week are for RV's and boats.  Most of the mattresses that I offer can be ordered to the specific size you need.  I also have access to raw cuts of commercial grade foams like poly urethane, memory foam, latex, and imitation latex.  I just need the length, width, and thickness to calculate a price quote.  


Custom foam takes 48 hours to get produced and shipped to my store since it is produced here in Jacksonville, FL.  Custom size mattresses for RVs and boats if not in stock at my store take 3 business days to get in. Call or text me with your requests at 904-477-4641 or Email me below.  I never get beat on my custom mattress prices.  If you have found something some where else contact me with details and I will easily beat their price.  I ship nationwide to residential and commercial addresses.


Save more with a BULK ORDER!  Needing 5 or more pieces I also do commercial contracts built to your specifications.