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Nationwide Shipping- Located Across from Fire Station

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 I started Jaxmattress.com in 2009 part time in an 11x20 storage unit pictured to the right.  I started off with 4 different beds to choose from.  By 2010 I had expanded 3 times and was operating out of 5 11x20 storage units offering over 8 beds and some furniture.  Thanks to a lot of referral business from previous customers by the start of 2011 I was able to expand into a 1600 square foot showroom/warehouse up front on Powers Ave. for nearly the same monthly cost that I was spending on all my storage units combined.​  By the end of 2011 nearly half of my sales were coming from previous customers and referrals so I was able to expand my storefront to 3200 square feet.

     I am able to keep my prices low because I operate as a one man shop. With low cost warehousing, very limited paid advertising, truckload orders and no employees to pay, I can pass these savings on to you. This allows me to keep my prices lower than everyone else in town including the BIG BOX stores, which is where I got my start in this business over 10 years ago.

     I believe in providing excellent customer service and backing up the beds I sell.  I have great relationships with my suppliers and only do business with suppliers that back up their products.  I currently have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Check my company out (North Florida Imports, LLC -DBA JaxMattress.com.​
     I ONLY order flawless new bedding direct from the factories with a warranty.  By eliminating a large portion of the overhead costs I have no problem beating anyone in town on prices.  In fact I encourage customers to go shop the big stores first to see the difference in my prices.​
     It is a little known fact that a company called Leggett & Platt provides 90% of the coil systems used in the bedding industry.  Big name brands like Sealy, Serta, and Simmons purchase their springs from L&P just like my companies do.  The big difference is the big 3 "S" brands spend millions of dollars per quarter in national advertising campaigns that my suppliers don’t spend; therefore companies like Southerland Bedding and Corsicana Bedding don't have to build it into the cost of the bed to dealers like me.   I use to manage a big box store up north that had all 3 "S" brands, so I know how my competition operates.​
     If you are looking at an "S" brand or any other brand for that matter find out how many springs it has and the types of foams and give me a call.  I can find you a bed built just like it at a much cheaper price!   Thanks for looking at my site.

Brad Roberts